Move Over New Mum (Lat. Mum Novum)

This is my first attempt at blogging but being on Maternity Leave has given me the opportunity (and time!) to hone a few new skills, not least looking after my beautiful daughter Lana Ivy, born in July 2013.

I aim for this blog to be a true to life account of what it’s like to be a new (older) mummy – one who is more used to browsing retail websites and shoe boxes in her wardrobe than Mum Forums, trying to find out what this rash is, how many ounces little one should be drinking for her age/weight and which baby monitor to choose.

I hope to share my ramblings, thoughts, anxieties and frustrations in equal measure and would love to get your comments along the way.

Nic x

5 thoughts on “Move Over New Mum (Lat. Mum Novum)

  1. I’m an expert on rashes of all descriptions! Looking forward to reading your ramblings, and secret shopping tips too ;) x

    1. Thanks – Maybe I should offer a prize for you being my first respondee! Look fwd to learning more about rashes and hearing all about the new arrival (if you have the time!) Nx

  2. Can already see this being one of those funny blogs that ends up being published into a book. Looking forward to reading more x

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